Aidot, Uzbekistan International Scientific Practical Conference, ‘Cerbyray’ [Cerviray] Technology

Aidot, Uzbekistan International Scientific Practical Conference, 'Cerbyray' [Cerviray] Technology 1

This story originally appeared on NAVER.COM. *Minor edits have been made by the CerviQ editors.

Aidot (CEO Jeong Jae-hoon) announced on the 28th that a local specialist made a presentation on its Cerviray AI (Artificial Intelligence) system for remote diagnosis of cervical cancer at the international scientific practice conference held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. cerviray is Aidot’s AI cervical cancer screening product. This conference was held under the theme of ‘Modern Prospects of Early Diagnosis and Screening of Cervical Cancer through Servyray’ [Cerviray]. It was co-hosted by Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health, Tumor Radiation Center, Aidot’s business partner ‘ GSG ‘, and Aidot. Renowned speakers in the field of obstetrics and gynecology were invited to give lectures on the latest trends and treatment methods. The conference was attended by domestic and local experts, including Aidot officials, Professor Jae-yoon Song of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Korea University Anam Hospital, Basitkhanova Elmira Irkinova, Minister of Health of Uzbekistan, and Professor Ziyaev Yahyo Fazliddinovich of the Tumor Radiation Center. The company said technical communication and exchanges took place through sessions related to cervical cancer screening through Servyray. The company explained that it was time to emphasize once again the importance of early cervical cancer screening.

An official from Aidot said, “At this conference, the initial results of a study related to Surbyray [Cerviray] conducted in Uzbekistan were presented,” adding, “The study was conducted on about 600 women.” “Through the study results, we were able to increase our understanding of the potential for early detection of cervical cancer using AI technology,” he said. “Additional clinical studies involving 5,000 people are expected to proceed quickly.

In addition, the official said, “This local event will be an important stepping stone to promote the development of cervical cancer screening and early diagnosis in cooperation with Aidot and local experts.” It will remain as a model example for seeking a healthy future while pursuing the future.”

Aidot, Uzbekistan International Scientific Practical Conference, 'Cerbyray' [Cerviray] Technology 2