#SolidariTEAL – Lets Make Cervical Cancer a thing of the Past


#SolidariTEAL – Lets Make Cervical Cancer a thing of the Past

In the Philippines, it is an injustice that about 11 Filipinas die of cervical cancer – a preventable and highly treatable disease – every day.

So we owe it to all women who have died of cervical cancer or are living with it today – to make life-saving tools and treatment options available and accessible.

Join us in SolidariTEAL, tomorrow, June 9, at 5 pm in a gathering of individuals touched by cervical cancer, health champions, and advocates as we make a stand in making cervical cancer a thing of the past and reaffirm the Philippines’ commitment to cervical cancer elimination! #SolidariTeal

Event page link: https://fb.me/e/I6RBkZEP


#Solidariteal Toward A Cervical Cancer-Free Philippines
#Solidariteal Toward A Cervical Cancer-Free Philippines

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We call on policymakers, legislators, political leaders, private organizations, medical organizations, and civil society organizations to work together to make cervical cancer elimination a reality in the Philippines. We urge family members and friends to support women in their cancer journey. Let’s encourage them to get vaccinated, screened, and diagnosed.

We demand that local governments include programs on cervical cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment in their health and development plans and investment plans. We encourage national and local governments to initiate the institutionalization of the National Integrated Cancer Control Act (NICCA) provisions on patient navigation, palliative care, and pain management, and to support the Institutionalization of the National Immunization Program (INIP), which includes HPV vaccination. We demand the allocation of separate and adequate funds at national and local government levels for scaling up HPV vaccination, HPV screening, and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions and invasive cancer.

We enjoin the private sector to implement cervical cancer prevention and treatment programs and policies and to have an enabling cancer policy in their companies and workplaces (e.g. free HPV vaccination for children of employees aged 9-15; free HPV screening for women aged 35 and 45 years old; cervical cancer treatment assistance fund). We ask PhilHealth to expand coverage and reach of the Z benefits package for cervical cancer and to include HPV Screening in the Konsulta Plus Package being developed.

We strongly urge all sectors to continue collaborating and crafting innovative solutions to solve challenges and constraints involved in the implementation of cervical cancer elimination plans, programs, and initiatives.

Together, let’s make a difference and eliminate cervical cancer. Join our movement and help promote a safer and healthier future for all Filipino girls and women.

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