Ano ang Sanhi Sintomas ng Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer: Sanhi Sintomas at Paraan Para Maiwasan

Ano ang Sanhi Sintomas ng Cervical Cancer?

A Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign Video aimed at patients to watch before getting a Cervical Cancer Screening.

The video covers the cause of cervical cancer, its symptoms, and ways how to prevent getting the disease. Cervical Cancer ranks as the second most common in Filipino women. It is estimated about 4088 die from the disease annually. Roughly about 11 to 12 Filipino women die from cervical cancer daily.

CerviQ is a social enterprise that helps eliminate cervical cancer in the Philippines through cervical cancer awareness, prevention, early detection, and treatment; and to strengthen our data repository for comparative studies, research purposes, and to improve our cancer registry. We serve as an efficient channel liaising medical experts and vulnerable individuals through a digital platform to reinforce awareness, engagement, training, and education for all stakeholders including medical professionals, local and national leaders, government offices and departments, private firms, socio-civic organizations, communities, families, and individuals.

CerviQ aims to be the premier non-government entity specializing in promoting cervical care and cervical cancer eradication in the Philippines. Our goal is to help eliminate cervical cancer in the Philippines through affordable, accessible, and efficient implementation of methodologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology and multi-platform campaigns. For more details, kindly check our advocacy website at