AI can Cerv 

We are launching a campaign to empower Health Professionals conduct cervical cancer awareness, cervical screening and cryo-treatment in areas with low resource setting geared toward a Cervical Cancer Free-Philippines.


Grand Lighting of the Cervical Cancer Ribbon and Opening of the Glow Teal Campaign

Cervical cancer is represented by a teal and white colored ribbon. Standing in solidarity with over 100 landmarks across the globe illuminated in teal – the color of cervical elimination, the grand lighting of cervical cancer ribbon signifies the launching of a nationwide campaign on Cervical Cancer Awareness and Screening to END CERVICAL CANCER in the Philippines and resonates a beacon of hope for a cervical cancer free future

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FREE Cervical Cancer Screening using Digital Colposcope and Artificial Intelligence

Register now to a FREE Cervical Cancer Screening using the latest technology in healthcare. The Cervical cancer screening shall be housed at the mall’s customer lounge located on the second floor converted to a private room for your utmost confidentiality.

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FREE Consultation, Counselling and Patients Education

Free consultation and counselling shall be provided to women planning to undergo cervical screening as well those who who needs interpretation of their results. Lectures on Cervical health awareness shall be provided during the events to improve on their Knowledge, Attitude and Practices associated with cervical and maternal issues.


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Best Moment With My Mom

In the celebration of Mother’s Day, a photo and video contest will be launched. Mechanics of the contest will be published soon.


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On the Spot Painting Contest

In line with the celebration of the month of May as the National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we will launch an on-the-spot painting contest with theme on the women’s cervix and artificial intelligence. Mechanics shall be posted here in the coming days.


AI can Cerv 5

Virtual Mini Concert

To entertain the mothers visiting the mall and in line with the observance of social distancing to prevent spread of Covid-19 virus and the restricted mass gatherings, we will feature a virtual singer combined with a LIVE Piano and other acoustic accompaniment. 


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