Who really owns WHEEL CAN CERV? CerviQ Founder Dr. Bogs Rivera explains

Who really owns WHEEL CAN CERV? CerviQ Founder Dr. Bogs Rivera explains 1

Who really owns ‘WHEEL CAN CERV‘ – is it TAPE or TVJ? 🙂

The name “Wheel Can Cerv” became the title of one of the most profound projects in the International Inner Wheel community during the term of  International President Ebe Paniteri Martinez. The project focused on saving women’s lives from Cervical Cancer through Cervical Awareness and Prevention such as vaccination and screening.

National President then, NP Yolanda “Yolly” Wycoco picked up the project among many top IWCPI proposals as the project echoed what Ending Polio was to Rotary, whereas Ending Cervical Cancer is to the Inner Wheel Club of the Philippines. In a similar fashion, the project came to be known through the guidance, inspiration, motivation, and persistence of the District Chairman then of 383 – DC Jovita “Bing” De Jesus.

But for so many years, one confounding question has never eluded me. WHO REALLY OWNS ‘WHEEL CAN CERV’? 

My answer to you my friend is simple. Based on what you see herewith attached below – I am confident you can deduce who started “WHEEL CAN CERV”! Can we just move to save women’s lives instead? I come in peace 🙂



Wheel Can Cerv Registration: https://endcervicalcancerph.com/wheel-can-cerv

Bogs Presentation Text: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v9W7vxpLpOwns-2d7IWHNwm4g7FLcdk9KvmKhzPfPDI/edit?usp=sharing

Bogs Presentation Powerpoint: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19qucsiP-0OH-VWjVQ57BqEfTVl-TM9TOgUEbkamhPgo/edit?usp=sharing