What is CERVIQ?

CERVIQ is an APP that would enable non physician professionals, e.g. midwives, nurses, perform cervical cancer screening using DIGITAL visual inspection with acetic acid D-VIA) wash. Images of the cervix shall taken by the non physician professionals using a recommended smartphone and specified camera setting. These images are then sent via internet for interpretation by a pool of CERVIQ’s specialised medical experts. Screening results, medical prescription, and referral for treatment or additional workup shall be sent back to the non physician professional for printing and be given to the patient.

doctor holding a mobile phone showing CERVIQ App used for cervical cancer screening


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EMPOWER midwives and nurses  perform Cervical Cancer Screening using D-VIA.

CERVIQ provides a comprehensive step-by-step online training and tutorial thru audio visual presentation for midwives and nurses to perform cervical cancer screening using digital visual inspection with acetic acid wash (D-VIA). Training modules are carefully prepared and reviewed by expert specialist medical practitioners on cervical cancer screening and treatment.

Upon completion of the course, an online exam shall be taken by users to gain access and receive certification.

Digital Cervigocraphy or a nonphysician taking photo of a patients cervix as part of cervical cancer screening via Cerviq app and help end cervical cancer in the Philippines
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EDUCATE patients thru cervical cancer awareness.

Non-Physician Educating a patient as part of Cervical Cancer screening process using the CerviQ app and help end cervical cancer in the Philippines

CERVIQ promotes cervical cancer awareness thru downloadable educational illustrative materials and audio video presentation. Certified midwives and nurses are encouraged to let their patients along with the family watch videos on the cause, the role of PHV infection,  importance of vaccination and screening toward cervical cancer prevention. Patients shall likewise be taught where to find support and to avail FREE treatments in using the app.

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EVALUATION of Digital Cervicography by Medical Experts.

DIGITAL CERVICOGRAPHY is a diagnostic medical procedure in which a non-physician takes pictures of the cervix and submits them to a physician for interpretation. Images are to be taken using a recommended smartphone with specified camera setting. The images are then sent to medical experts found within the CERVIQ app for evaluation, interpretation, to be given e-prescription and or e-referral for further medical work-up or recommended treatment should patient condition warrants it.

Medical Doctor viewing phone to interpret cervical cancer screening images using the CerviQ app and help end cervical cancer in the Philippines
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E-Prescription and E-Referral

CerviQ App ability to print from mobile phoe to printer connectivity and help end cervical cancer in the Philippines

Cervical screening results, the need for medical prescription, and or referral for treatment or additional medical work-up shall be sent digitally by CERVIQ’s pool of medical experts to midwives and nurses  for digital printing and to be given to the patient (TELEHEALTH).

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EXTRA stuffs and services.

CERVIQ also provides:  PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to patients and midwives reminding them automatically of their next visit;  LISTINGS OF NEARBY TREATMENT FACILITY AND CLINICS, both public and private categorised accordingly to the treatment prescribed by the medical experts, and LISTINGS OF SUPPORT GROUPS, like the Philippine Cancer Society, Rotary 3830 Breast and Cervical Cancer Bus and others.

CerviQ mobile application showing different features and help end cervical cancer in the Philippines



PROGRAM TITLE: “A 20/20 Vision To End Cervical Cancer in the Philippines”

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Midwives and Nurses

DATE: February 20, 2020

More Details to Follow



4th Week January to 2nd Week February, 2020

Pilot Test:
Inner Wheel Club of Central Makati D-383; Medical and Cervical Cancer Screening in Subic and Morong, Bataan – PP Sarah Estanislao

Pilot Test:
Rotary Club of Tagaytay City, RID 3810; Cervical Cancer Screening to BJMP Tagyatay City, Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) subjects – Champion President Lineth Espinelli

Pilot Test:
c/o Dr. Howell Javonillo, Forbes Medical Clinic, Makati; Cervical Cancer Screening

Pilot Test:
Rotary Club of Cyber City, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Cervical Cancer Screening – SDG Raymond “Rayms” Ciriaco


A BIG THANK YOU to our sponsors for the start up fund necessary to complete this APP at Php 5,000 each. More importantly,  a BIGGER THANKS of your pledge to take action using this CERVIQ App to fight and eradicate cervical cancer in the Philippines. Your names shall be inscribed on both the website and on the App as a testament of your gracious help on this endeavor.

IP Monina “Nina” Umali-Calingasan
Rotary Club of Raha Sulayman, D3810

IP Mario “Mar” P. De Jesus
Rotary Club of San Marcelino, D3810

IP Maria Socorro “Marie” M. Vedan
Rotary Club of Ramon Magsaysay, D3810

IP Jesus “Susing” M. Pineda Jr.
Rotary Club of  Manila, D3810

IP Angelita “Lita” I. Lee
Rotary Club of Manila Supreme 198, D3810

IP Dr. Enrique “Eric” A. Tayag, PHSAE, FPSMID
Rotary Club of Manila 101, D3810

IP Anna Theresa “Anna” Benedicto Yu
Rotary Club of Manila Bay, D3810

IP Chamberlain “Chambe” Cuevas
Rotary Club of Manila East, D3810

TCP Sophie A. Yara
Rotary Club of Makati Greenbelt, D3830

IP Majafaro “Maja” Tindoy-Atayde
RC of  Manila J.P. Laurel Malacanang, D3810

IP Eric “Eric” Co
Rotary Club of  Imus, D3810

IP Teresita “Thess” Binosa
Rotary Club of Manila Kalaw, D3810

IP John “John” Chua
Rotary Club of  Downtown Manila, D3810

IP Daisy “Daisy” Jalova
Rotary Club of Pasay West, D3810

IP Marcos “Marc” Tan Lim
Rotary Club of Manila Metro, D3810

GP/IP Dr Howell Javonillo
Rotary Club of Boracay, D3850

IP Anthony “Tony” Dechosa
Rotary Club of Metro Dasmarinas, D3810

IP Annie “Anne” Cu Gallardo
Rotary Club of Intramuros Manila, D3810

IP Aida “Aida” Go
Rotary Club of San Miguel, D3810

IP Roderick “Ricky” Siy
Rotary Club of Quirino Manila Central, D3810

IP Daniel “Dan” Tenorio
Rotary club of Bagumbayan-Manila, D3810

ChP Michelle “MC” Casio
Rotary Club of Manila Metro, D3810


Dr. Romeo “Romi” V. Marcaida
Patient Navigation Program
Philippine Cancer Society

Charter President Carolina “Carol” Mercado
Breast and Cancer Bus
Rotary Club of Makati Premier D-3830