Joining Forces to Combat Cervical Cancer: A Collaborative Effort in Los Baños, Laguna

cervical cancer screening using AI assisted colposcope

Cervical cancer continues to pose a significant threat to women’s health, particularly in regions with limited access to healthcare resources like Los Baños, Laguna. Recognizing the urgent need for comprehensive intervention, a coalition of organizations has joined forces to provide a full continuum of care in the fight against cervical cancer. 

Through strategic collaboration, the Los Baños Municipal Office, some members of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) – Southern Tagalog Chapter, various Rotary Clubs, MSD, and CerviQ are spearheading initiatives to deliver HPV vaccination, AI-assisted cervical cancer screening, and cryotherapy treatment. This collaborative effort aims to achieve primary prevention through vaccination to kids as young as 9 years old, early detection of precancer lesions, intervention, and ultimately saves lives.

The Collaborators include:

  • Los Baños Municipal Office led by municipal health officer – Dr. Alvin Isidoro, 
  • Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society – Southern Tagalog chapter represented by Drs. Jovita Jane Revilla, OB-Gyne, FPOGS, and Dr. Christie Marie Ebeunga, OB-Gyne, FPOGS;

Cervical Cancer collaborators

Cervical Cancer Screening midwife professionals

  • Rotary Clubs of District 3820 – Rotary Club of Los Banos represented by PP Chi Andal, Rotary Club of Los Banos Makiling represented by PP Maria Elisa Magro Ronan and Hope Creating President Alleli Esther Domingo, Rotary Club of Pila West represented by Assistant Governor Ethel Reuyan, Rotary Club of Nagcarlan, Rotary Club of Pagsanjan

cervical cancer partners

  • Special mention to Past District Governor Dr. Dennis Sunio and wife Past District Governor Angie Sunio
  • Mr. Cristopher Fres of MSD
  • and CerviQ – the company providing specialized AI-assisted cervical cancer screening solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance early detection and diagnosis to medical professionals


The Initiative:

The collaborative effort encompasses a multi-faceted approach to combat cervical cancer, addressing prevention, screening, and treatment through the following components:

HPV Vaccination Program:
    • Targeting children aged 9 to 14, the initiative aims to provide HPV vaccination to protect against high-risk strains of the virus, a leading cause of cervical cancer.
    • Vaccination drives are conducted in schools, community centers, and healthcare facilities to ensure widespread coverage and accessibility.
AI-Assisted Cervical Cancer Screening:
    • Leveraging CerviQ’s AI technology, cervical cancer screening is enhanced with increased accuracy and efficiency in detecting precancerous lesions.
    • Trained healthcare professionals utilize AI algorithms to analyze cervical images captured during screening, enabling early detection and intervention.
Cryotherapy Treatment for Positive Cases:
    • VIA-positive cases identified through screening are promptly referred for cryotherapy treatment at the Los Baños Municipal Health Office.
    • Cryotherapy, a minimally invasive procedure, effectively treats precancerous lesions, preventing progression to cervical cancer and saving lives.

The Impact:

Through this collaborative effort, the coalition aims to achieve several key outcomes:

  • Increased HPV vaccination coverage among children aged 9 to 14, reducing the risk of cervical cancer in future generations.
  • Enhanced early detection of cervical cancer through AI-assisted screening, enabling timely intervention and improving treatment outcomes.
  • Access to cryotherapy treatment for VIA-positive individuals, ensuring comprehensive care and preventing the progression of precancerous lesions.
  • Community empowerment through education and awareness initiatives, promoting proactive healthcare seeking behavior and reducing stigma surrounding cervical cancer.

Overall Impact:

The collaborative efforts of the Los Baños Municipal Office, POGS, Rotary Clubs, MSD, and CerviQ represent a proactive and comprehensive approach to combatting cervical cancer in the region. By providing a full continuum of care, from prevention through vaccination to early detection and treatment, this coalition aims to save lives and improve the overall health and well-being of women in Los Baños. Through continued collaboration and dedication, we can make significant strides in the fight against cervical cancer and create a brighter, healthier future for all.

We extend our sincerest gratitude in no particular order: