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Why do I need to get HPV Immunizations?

Having the HPV vaccine means you’re far less likely to have genital warts, certain types of cancer or other illnesses caused by HPV in the future. The vaccine helps to protect against cervical cancer and some less common cancers, such as anal, penile, vaginal, vulvar, mouth and throat cancers caused by HPV. It also protects against genital warts.

How does the vaccine protect you?

Having the HPV vaccine means your body’s immune system can produce its own protection (antibodies) against HPV. These antibodies prevent HPV from being able to enter your cells and infect you.
Depending on the type of HPV vaccine used, the vaccine will help stop you getting:
  • (HPV 4) the four HPV types that cause around 70% of cervical cancers, 70% of all HPV-related cancer in men, and and 90% of genital warts across all genders, or
  • (HPV 9) the nine HPV types that cause around 90% of cervical cancers, 95% of all HPV-related cancers in men, and 90% of genital warts across all genders.
HPV Immunization 2

Who is the HPV vaccine for and when should it be given?

The Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP), the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS)  and the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) recommends that the HPV vaccine be given to girls and boys starting at age 9 to 14 years should receive two (2) doses.
Teens and young adults who receive the vaccine series at ages 15 through 26 years, should receive three (3) doses.
It’s ideal for girls and boys to receive the vaccine before they have sexual contact and are exposed to HPV. Once someone is infected with HPV, the vaccine might not be as effective. Furthermore, the immune response (protection) offered by the vaccine is better at younger ages than it is at older ages

Does the HPV vaccine offer benefits if you’re already sexually active?

Yes. Even if you already have one strain of HPV, you could still benefit from the vaccine because it can protect you from other strains that you don’t yet have. However, none of the vaccines can treat an existing HPV infection. The vaccines protect you only from specific strains of HPV you haven’t been exposed to already.

Who should not get the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine isn’t recommended for pregnant women or people who are moderately or severely ill. Tell your doctor if you have any severe allergies, including an allergy to yeast or latex. Also, if you’ve had a life-threatening allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine or to a previous dose of the vaccine, you shouldn’t get the vaccine.

Do I need to get a Cervical Cancer Screening Test should I had my HPV vaccination?

Yes. The HPV vaccine isn’t intended to replace screening for cervical cancer. Routine screening beginning at age 25 years old remains an essential part of preventive health care.

What can you do to protect yourself from cervical cancer if you’re not in the recommended vaccine age group?

HPV spreads through sexual contact — oral, vaginal or anal. To protect yourself from HPV, use a condom every time you have sex. In addition, don’t smoke. Smoking raises the risk of cervical cancer.

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