Goodbye-Rotary 1

Dear President Criselda “Boots” Leano
Champion President

Rotary Club of Manila Binondo Prime.

Dear Champion Boots,

Foremost, May I greet you a Happy Valentines Day, and to the rest of the Rotary Club of Manila Binondo Prime.

I was initially planning to reply to your letter – copy furnished Champion Governor Liza V. Elorde received dated February 10, after the first beta testing of CerviQ which is held tomorrow. I’ve read your FB messenger just now (LINK: (LINK: and was obliged to reply immediately. I apologize for the delay as I was focused on tomorrow’s launch. I regret it was kind of hard for me to manage mobile development staff on one side, promoting a personal advocacy on the other, partnering with the Philippine Cancer Society, Big Sky – provider of satellite internet, Smart Telecom for the phones, maintaining relationships with top Gynecologic Oncologist in the country (for the cervical cancer reads and interpretation) like Dr. Cecilia Llave, Dr. Cynthia Tan, and Dr. Wilhelmina Rivera just for this. Please try to browse my Facebook to validate all these.

May I immediately reply to some of the important details you ask:

  1. Your point on not attending your first meeting of the year. May I refer you to our Viber conversation (LINK: I have placed it on my website and link it here for you to go back and refresh our conversation. I am encouraging you to check if I have in one way altered these pictures in my favor. You might assume since I do web designs and have the technical know-how of editing images using Adobe Photoshop, I may have altered these messages in my favor. Whatever I have said there were to me right at the time.
    On that conversation, you offered to move the meeting to the 28th. I agreed to come since my meeting with Adamson University was in the morning. For unknown reasons, I was notified that you moved it to the 29th  (LINK: Now it seems, I am being blamed for not attending. My sincere apologies madam president.
  1. Membership Dues. “Nemo dat quod non habet”, or you cannot give what you don’t have. On that same conversation, I mentioned that I have collectibles from the District Website works we provide (collection in 6 digits while my dues to club – 4 digits) and when I received such collectibles, I will pay my dues. But you are right. I have no way of becoming a Rotarian if I don’t pay my very basic dues… then I must not be then.
    May I just inform you, madam president, that during my time as Inspiring President, the club (through the suggestion of Amy Co) to authorized payment of SAR of 4 non paying members because they either had problems or were experiencing financial difficulties at the time. I can see those members are still inexistent in the club today. Furthermore, I went further to clear out of the club’s PRM half-semester debts from previous years. I was looking for a small consideration, but I guess we need to follow rules this time of year.
  1. Cervical Screening. I have mentioned to you on the same message that this Cervical Screening was my personal advocacy being a Cancer Specialist I am. In the past (since my time with RC Manila Sta Ana), I tried to lobby this project for Global Grant but had failed. This year, I see the club’s global grant is geared toward the construction of a shelter in Mindoro. I felt then that I had to make my own stand to achieve through other routes possible which now stands today. Looking back, I never asked time, treasure or talent from any one of the club members. My personal thinking is why should it be an issue now? Does it follow, that in everything I do….. anyway…

The timing of the letter which us undeniably disrupting my spirit as I will have the beta testing tomorrow (which you know because I sent you alone an invite), then, a club issue that has turned into a district concern, the lack of consideration on club dues, your means of requiring me to formally reemphasized these points over again (as I had made it clear on our personal message) plus other stuffs, points down to an alarming concern. I’m surprised, from a 36 membered club who had served as president last year, why is my attendance meant of so much importance now. I looked back and compare my time and yours. Did you know I did not have Handover and Induction as you do? No one joined me during district events (I’m very sure you know the reason why), only when it was a requirement to attend DISCON as part to fulfill the Governor’s Challenge then. And it was the member’s own initiative to joined me during District Awards – Thank you so much. Have I not done enough? I was practically the President, Secretary (although DES Eric pitched in to attend several times, the Treasurer most of the time, because no one would move to accept it though Amy Co helped in securing the amount, but I did most if not all of the legwork and accounting several times. I believed I served as a servant leader and not a corporate one. Having to have all these issues, it is high time to go and leave this club. I am officially resigning irrevocably and to be part no more of the Rotary Club of Manila Binondo Prime. But because I belong not anymore to Rotary, I am officially resigning likewise as SDG for Online Tools.

Please let me find time to create my irrevocable resignation as I have things moving ahead.

I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve and for helping me out during my term. Thank you much and Maraming Salamat Po.


Bog Rivera