Empowering Educators: Rotary Clubs’ of Malate Prime and Tondo Manila’s Silip Cervix Sagip Buhay Initiative with CerviQ held at the Tondo High School

Silip Cervix Sagip Buhay at Tondo High School

In commemoration of the Philippine National Women’s Month, the Rotary Clubs’ of Malate Prime and Tondo sponsored a free cervical screening for female teachers of the Tondo High School at Quezon Street, Tondo, Manila. The initiative SILIP CERVIX SAGIP BUHAY aims to promote the health and well-being of educators, recognizing their critical role in shaping future generations.

Teachers are highly regarded members of society who impart knowledge, values, and life skills to children and adults alike. However, in the relentless pursuit of nurturing minds, teachers often overlook their health. The decision to offer free cervical cancer screenings is a significant step towards acknowledging and addressing the health concerns of female educators.

Silip Cervix Sagip Buhay free cervical Awareness

Cervical cancer is a highly preventable disease, yet it remains one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths among women in the Philippines. Regular cervical screenings are crucial in detecting precancerous conditions and early stages of cervical cancer when treatment can be most effective. Despite its proven benefits, many women skip these screenings due to costs, lack of access, or awareness. By providing these tests free of charge, the initiative aims to break down these barriers, encouraging more women to prioritize their health.

Silip Cervix Sagip buhay Free Cervical Can

This initiative serves as a call to action, not just for teachers but for all women, to prioritize their health. It also highlights the importance of regular health check-ups and screenings as part of a proactive approach to healthcare. As we celebrate Philippine National Women’s Month, let’s also commit to taking concrete steps toward improving health outcomes for women everywhere.

For those who wish to support our mission and bring the screening directly into the communities instead of the patients going to hospitals, we request your assistance in organizing such events and help in the screening process. If you would like to support us with our goal of eliminating cervical cancer in the Philippines, please follow this link to find out how you can help: https://endcervicalcancerph.com/silip-cervix-sagip-buhay-epic-for-providers/

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, whose unwavering support made this initiative possible. Their contributions went beyond financial support, providing us with the resources, equipment, and moral support needed to navigate the complexities of such a large-scale healthcare initiative.

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