Empowering Community Well-being: A Recap of the Philippine Red Cross Marikina Chapter Health Caravan on National Women’s Day

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CerviQ is incredibly grateful for the invitation to join the Philippine Red Cross Marikina Health Caravan. This opportunity to serve the community, offer free cervical screening, and advocate for early detection is a profound honor. Our heartfelt thanks for allowing us to be part of this life-saving initiative. 

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On another note, our mission’s success was made possible by the unwavering support of our sponsors, whose generosity knew no bounds. Their contributions went beyond financial support, providing us with the resources, equipment, and moral support needed to navigate the complexities of such a large-scale healthcare initiative.

Empowering Community Well-being: A Recap of the Philippine Red Cross Marikina Chapter Health Caravan on National Women's Day 1

We extend our sincerest gratitude to:

Together, we’re not just providing essential health services; we’re lighting the path to a healthier future and saving lives. Here’s to making a difference, one screening at a time.

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By Rtn Tony Cama

On March 9, 2024, a remarkable collaboration unfolded at Marikina Polytechnic College, as the Philippine Red Cross Marikina Chapter spearheaded a Health Caravan in celebration of National Women’s Day. The event, conducted in partnership with People of Action, RC Marikina F. Zobel, RC Rizal West, Marikina Valley Offroaders Eagles Club, Hon. Carl Africa, and Ces Reyes, showcased the power of collective action in enhancing community well-being. With a diverse array of services, the Health Caravan left an indelible mark by serving 547 clients and reinforcing the commitment to holistic health and welfare.

Oplan Kalusugan (Health Consultation):

The cornerstone of the Health Caravan was the Oplan Kalusugan, providing health consultations to 194 individuals. Among these, 25 were mothers, 118 were females, 5 were elderly, 4 were children, and 42 were others seeking health advice and assistance. The provision of personalized health consultations ensures that individuals of all ages and backgrounds receive the care and guidance they need for a healthier life.

Paalalang Pangkalusugan (Healthy Lectures):

A total of 233 participants benefited from informative and engaging healthy lectures, fostering awareness and understanding of key health issues. These educational sessions, covering various aspects of well-being, empower individuals to make informed choices for their health, contributing to the development of a more health-conscious community.

Voluntary Blood Campaign:

The Health Caravan also conducted a Voluntary Blood Campaign, addressing the critical need for blood donations. A total of 115 participants underwent blood typing, while 141 individuals received fasting and random blood sugar testing. These services not only contribute to public health but also highlight the importance of voluntary blood donation in saving lives.

Specialized Health Services:

In addition to the general health services, specialized health services were provided, including dental services with 53 tooth extractions and cleanings, cervical cancer screenings for 39 individuals, and mobility screenings for 5 participants. These specialized services address specific health concerns, promoting a comprehensive approach to community health.

Welfare Service:

Recognizing the importance of nutrition, the Health Caravan ensured that all 547 clients were provided with hot meals, including Arroz Caldo and Champorado. Additionally, 100 food packs containing Pork Barbecue with rice were distributed, addressing the immediate nutritional needs of the community. Furthermore, 50 Angel’s Cheeseburgers were offered as snacks for volunteers, symbolizing the importance of nourishment in sustaining community service efforts.

Dedicated Volunteers and Partners:

The success of the Health Caravan would not have been possible without the dedication of the mobilized volunteers. A total of 16 key volunteers, including 4 medical doctors, 2 registered nurses, 2 registered medical technologists, 1 registered pharmacist, 5 barangay health workers, 2 nursing/MedTech students, 35 Red Cross Youth members, 2 members of the Board of Directors, 4 staff members, and 1 support staff, worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of the event. Additionally, 23 RC143 volunteers and 8 partners actively contributed to the success of the Health Caravan.

The Philippine Red Cross Marikina Chapter Health Caravan, held in collaboration with various organizations and individuals, stands as evidence of the impact that collective action can have on community well-being. By providing a comprehensive range of health services and fostering a spirit of collaboration, the event not only celebrated National Women’s Day but also reinforced the commitment to building a healthier, more resilient community. As we reflect on the success of this Health Caravan, we are reminded that true progress in community health requires the engagement of all stakeholders, working together towards a shared vision of holistic well-being.

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