CerviQ a social enterprise with prime advocacy to end cervical cancer celebrated it’s 1st anniversary by providing free cervical screening using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology held in Barangay Holy Spirit Quezon City on February 14.
Dr. Bogs Rivera, Oncologist and founder of CerviQ  boasts that they are the 1st to be granted partnership with their foreign counterpart. The Philippines is the 17th country to use Artificial Intelligence.
“Patients with cervical cancer has no symptoms during the pre cancer to early stage that’s why it is highly recommended for women aged 18 years above to be screened”, Rivera stressed.
The Artificial Intelligence technology provides not more than 5 minutes release of analysis after the image of cervix is captured and sent abroad for interpretation.
Despite the groups reminder that they can only accommodate not more than 30 patients to maintain social distancing, almost a hundred came hoping to be screened. This prompted them to just get the names and expressed their hope that another schedule shall be granted and financed by the Barangay.
The screening process starts by the pre-screening  patients questionnaire in order to get the KAP (knowledge, attitude, and practice) of the patients in cervix, hygiene, and sex. All women who were screened received free hygiene kit consisting of germicidal soap, feminine wash, and alcohol.
The mission is in cooperation with QC Councilor Estrella “Star” Valmocina, her Chief of Staff Dave Valmocina, and Barangay Captain Felicito “SuperKap Chito” Valmocina.
Major sponsors include Vaginne Refreshing Intimate Gel and Fleur de Juliet.



Invitational Video of 2nd District Councilor Star Valmocina to Get Screened

A Million Hand Awareness Hand Sign to End Cervical Cancer in the Philippines

We are humbled by your generosity

Lovely couple Mr. Michael and Dra Glenda Rabino from Ilocos Sur hands out a  beautiful painting gift to the CerviQ Team. To you both, Maraming maraming salamat po.