Cervical cancer in the Philippines ranks among the second most common cancer in women. About eleven (11) Filipino women die from this preventable disease each day. The causes pans out from the lack of HPV immunization, failure of cervical screening and treatment, and lack of awareness and the inadequacy of facilities and expertise.

cerviQ advocates for the elimination of cervical cancer in the Philippines. We are  a social enterprise that focuses on cervical cancer awareness, prevention, early detection, referrals for treatment, and a data repository for comparative studies and research purposes. We serve as an efficient channel linking remote medical experts and vulnerable individuals via a digital platform facilitated by nurses/midwives in coordination with local leaders and an empowered community of volunteers.


“To eliminate cervical cancer as a cancer burden in the Philippines through accessible and effective cancer awareness, screening and referral system via a digital platform.”


“To help lower the country’s cervical cancer mortality from 11 to less than 6 per day by 2035.”


    • To empower women in making informed decisions pertaining to cervical health.
    • To provide access to cervical cancer screenings wherein interpretations are done by artificial intelligence (AI) and/or highly competent OB-Gyne Specialist.
    • To provide access to timely & affordable preventive/curative interventions in line with cervical health maintenance.
    • To establish partnerships with government departments, LGUs, NGOs, private companies, and educational institutions.
    • To gather data pertinent to research and development.
    • To maintain a network of volunteers that will help advocate for cervical-related health-seeking behavior.


“If we don’t act now, deaths from cervical cancer will rise almost 50% by 2040.”

Dr. Tedros Adhanon GhebreyesusWHO Director General