CerviQ Presentation at the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines National Board of Trustee Meeting

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Congratulations to the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines Inc. for coming up with projects that help save women from Cervical Cancer. The cervical awareness and screening project that started 2 years ago, now in its third year, has now included through your hard work and dedication – TREATMENT, through the MEDICAL ASSISTANCE TO INDIGENT PROGRAM, or the MAIP Program through the kind Congressman Tony Golez. Kudos to everyone!!!

CerviQ Presentation at the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines National Board of Trustee Meeting 1

This project will now complete the continuum beginning from awareness, prevention through vaccination and screening, and this. The cost of treatment depends on the stage of the disease but on average, it ranges between 200K to 300K each. With a budget (MAIP) of 2M, roughly only ten patients can be covered if you were to allot the fullest amount. Furthermore, not all patients who undergo treatment will be cured from Cervical cancer. Statistically, only 1 in every 2 patients diagnosed with Cervical cancer survive within 5 years beginning diagnosis. And this is why prevention will always be better than cure.

I would like to thank the Inner Wheel Club of Makati for donating 40 HPV 4 vaccinations to private schools. Vaccination starts with a HPV awareness lecture to students, followed by providing them with educational flyers from MSD and a consent form for vaccination. Given two weeks, consent forms signed by student’s parents or guardian will be vaccinated.

Presently,  the Rotary Club of South San Francisco California , Liv2GiveUFoundation, and the Rotary Club of Manila, plan to provide 1000 HPV vaccinations next year. Dr. Jasmin Flores, a Berkeley graduate doctor in public health from RC South San Francisco plans to talk to MSD country manager – Mr. Andreas Riedel in the hope to seek access to reduced HPV prices. 

Cervical Cancer Screening is co-equally important in the prevention of cervical cancer. The goal of screening is the very early detection of cervical precancer – a stage which is NOT yet cancer, a stage which does not provide you symptoms so you won’t go to a doctor, but if not treated, will progress to cervical cancer in 5 to 10 years. The cost of treatment for cervical precancer is FREE using thermal ablation provided the patient, the doctor, and the hospital where the procedure will be done is PhilHealth Accredited. Try comparing this to 200 to 300K cost of treatment when you have cervical cancer.

We have heard about the price of 600 pesos for cervical cancer screening is expensive. But price is subjective. What value it brings justifies the price.

HPV-DNA (the one that is being handled by JHPIEGO, Dr. Ingrid Magnata, Dr. Cecilia Llave, and the SUCCESS Program), is the recommended screening method of choice by the World Health Organization. Since the SUCCESS project is currently being supported by JHPEIGO, it is given FREE. But once it becomes approved, the cost of HPV DNA is 5,800 tests only at Hi Precision. Even considered to be the best test in the world, the cost limits screening accessibility to everyone.  Therefore, we need to find alternative screening solutions especially those in the rural communities where cost is out of pocket compounded by the absence of screening facilities and medical professionals.

Furthermore, if a patient is found to be positive on HPV test. they still need to undergo COLPOSCOPY. Colposcopy is a procedure where the cervix is visualized and magnified that aims to guides the doctor on what part of the cervix requires treatment. The COLPOSCOPY procedure is done in a similar fashion as when we conducted VIA screening using the CERVIRAY AI device.

CerviQ Presentation at the Inner Wheel Clubs of the Philippines National Board of Trustee Meeting 2

If so, why not screen patients directly using a colposcope.