BAYANIHAN PARA SA KABABAIHAN: A Celebration of National Women’s Month in Silang Cavite

BAYANIHAN PARA SA KABABAIHAN celebration event of the national womens day held at bulihan Silang cavite with doctors

March is not just a month; it’s a celebration of the resilience, strength, and achievements of women worldwide. In Silang Cavite, this year’s National Women’s Month was marked by a groundbreaking event, dubbed as BAYANIHAN PARA SA KABABAIHAN at the Rural Health Unit in Bulihan Cavite. It wasn’t just a typical gathering; it was a testament to the community’s dedication to women’s health and well-being.

BAYANIHAN PARA SA KABABAIHAN: A Celebration of National Women's Month in Silang Cavite 1

At the heart of this celebration was the introduction of the first artificial intelligence-assisted Cervical Cancer screening, aided by a colposcope. This technological advancement promises more accurate and efficient screenings, providing early detection and potentially saving lives. It’s a step forward in the fight against cervical cancer, empowering women with knowledge and proactive healthcare.

But the event didn’t stop there. It offered a comprehensive range of services tailored to address various aspects of women’s health. From Breast Examinations to HIV testing, Medical Consultations to the distribution of Free Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnant Mothers, every service was designed to prioritize women’s well-being at every stage of life.

Recognizing the importance of menstrual hygiene, Free Sanitary Napkins were also provided, ensuring that no woman in the community has to compromise her health and dignity due to lack of access to basic necessities.

Moreover, the event went beyond physical health, offering Free Legal Consultations to address any legal concerns that women might face. Access to justice is fundamental to women’s empowerment, and providing this service demonstrates a commitment to supporting women’s rights and safety.

Additionally, Free vaccinations of tetanus toxoid were administered, ensuring that women are protected against preventable diseases. It’s a reminder that women’s health encompasses more than just reproductive health; it’s about holistic well-being.

The atmosphere at the event was one of solidarity and support. Women from all walks of life came together to prioritize their health, breaking barriers and challenging stigmas surrounding women’s bodies and health issues.

In a world where women’s health is often overlooked or neglected, events like these serve as beacons of hope and progress. They remind us that every woman deserves access to quality healthcare, regardless of her background or circumstances.

As we reflect on this year’s National Women’s Month celebration in Silang Cavite, let it serve as a reminder of the work that still needs to be done. Let it inspire us to continue advocating for women’s rights, health, and equality in every corner of the world. Because when women are healthy and empowered, entire communities thrive.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Sponsors

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, whose unwavering support made this initiative possible. Their contributions went beyond financial support, providing us with the resources, equipment, and moral support needed to navigate the complexities of such a large-scale healthcare initiative.

We extend our sincerest gratitude in no particular order:

  • Mayor Atty. Alston Kevin Anarna and Mayora Jeanne Luz Castillo – Anarna

BAYANIHAN PARA SA KABABAIHAN: A Celebration of National Women's Month in Silang Cavite 2

  • Dr. Jericho Joshua Palay, Dr. Kristelle Ann Kiamzon, Dr. Ma. Elena Ebuen, Dr. Kamille Gace Cuevas, Dr. Angel Casapao
  • The midwives who helped us conduct the screening – Ms. Donabelle Competente, Ms. Imelda Infante, Ms. Genevie Navelgas, Registered Nurse – Ms. Apple Carandang, Mr. Leon Cabardo III, and others

BAYANIHAN PARA SA KABABAIHAN: A Celebration of National Women's Month in Silang Cavite 3